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The course name is VizMath. The course creators are Betty Hurley-Dasgupta and Carol Yeager. Logo design and tech support by Retsam Zhang of Guangdong Province, China. The publisher is SUNY/Empire State College. The time zone is EST. And the license is Creative Commons by-nc-sa.

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Welcome to VizMath, a place where the beauty of math is celebrated.  Here you will engage with mathematicians whose enthusiasm for math will be contagious. You will be encouraged to reflect on and share your own views of mathematics.  And, we will join together to spread the word through our connected networks.

The development of this connectivist MOOC is still a "work in progress". with additions and edits occurring as we discover new opportunities for sharing more ideas and guest presenters.  It is open for registration and your participation.  The "live" sessions are scheduled on Thursdays at NOON New York time.  Thank for your patience and understanding. Looking forward to seeing/reading you online. Invite your colleagues, friends and relatives for this free and open, global offering.


For a quick introduction to connectivist courses and how they work, please view the videos below.

- Success in a MOOC
- Knowledge in a MOOC

On this site we will be providing information about moocs and listings of available moocs. Watch this page for announcements regarding upcoming offerings.

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