About this Course

Affiliation and Course Registration

As this is an open online course, participation is open to everyone; you need only register and subscribe to the newsletter,  VizMathNewPosts

Course Description:

What does the word, “mathematics” mean to you? If you were asked to draw a picture of “Mathematics,” what would you draw? In this MOOC, we’ll explore the many images of math, from crocheted hyperbolic curves to math relations displayed in origami to math in art. You will engage with mathematicians who will share how they see mathematics. And, of course, you’ll develop your own view of mathematics and share it with other learners in this MOOC.

Program Recorded Sessions

Oct 18 Topic 1 Math in Narrative (Apostolos Dioxidis)

Oct 25 Topic 2 Crocheting Hyperbolic Curves (Daina Taimina)

Nov 1  Topic 3 Symmetry Topics/Plus Magazine (Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas)

Nov 8  Topic 4 Visualizing Data   (Alison Sniekus)

Nov15 Topic 5 Data Crunchers  (Marj Robison and Betty)

Nov29 Topic 6 The Art of Math (Carol Yeager)

Dec 6  Topic 7 Escher and the Impossible  (Bryan Clair)

Dec 1  Topic 8 Origami and Math (Robert Lang)

Course Schedule

Dates: October 15, 2012 – December 16, 2012 ... 8 sessions, with no session week of 19 November.

Technologies Used

Throughout this “course” participants may use a variety of technologies: blogs, Second Life, RSS Readers, UStream, Google +, Facebook, Diigo etc. Course resources will be provided using gRSShopper and online seminars delivered using Blackboard Collaborate. Here is a link to the Diigo Group that has been set up, for those who wish to join.


Betty Hurley-Dasgupta

Carol Yeager