VizMath Participant Feeds

The following is a list of the feeds harvested as part of the VizMath course. This list may also be obtained as an OPML File.

#VizMath OR VizMath - Twitter Search
By retsam. #VizMath OR VizMath - Twitter Search RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated:

Betty's Math Journey
By Betty Hurley-Dasgupta. my journey with VizMath RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated:

Marj's Book Blog
By Marj Robison. The blog is about my current reading, which is usually about math and the interesting ways it sneaks into our lives. RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated:

RetSam's Feed
By . RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated:

VizMath:a cMOOC
By cyeager. a blog for VizMath MOOC RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 00:49:58

WayUpNorth's Blog
By Jim Stauffer. What's been on Jim's mind lately RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated:

What's been on Jim's mind lately
By Jim Stauffer. Jim is a MOOC junkie - keeps signing up for them even though he knows he won't be able to do all the work recommended - probably more interested in connecting than content - but loves to think of himself as a lifelong learner RSS 2.0. [HTML][XML] last Updated:

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