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Session 3 - Symmetry Topics/Plus Magazine with Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas

Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas


 Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas, as editors of Plus Magazine, are part of the Millenium Project, which is committed to engaging learners worldwide in the beauty that is mathematics. A quick look at their online magazine is enough to entice you to participate in their session on symmetry.

 Sections from the “About” section of the magazine explain it best:

“Plus is an internet magazine which aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics. A lot of people don't have a very clear idea what "real" maths consists of, and often they don't realise how many things they take for granted only work because of a generous helping of it. Apparently, some people even have the idea that it's boring! Weird. Anyway, we hope that even if you're such a person now, you won't be after looking through one or two issues of Plus, and that you'll come back and read future issues as they come out.

"Plus provides articles and podcasts on any aspect of mathematics, covering topics as diverse as art, medicine, cosmology and sport, a news section, showing how recent news stories were often based on some underlying piece of maths that never made it to the newspapers, reviews of popular maths books, and puzzles for you to sharpen your wits. We have a regular interview with someone in a maths-related career, showing the wide range of uses maths gets put to in the real world. And all past content remains available online, which besides making for good browsing is, we hope, a useful resource for maths school students and teachers."

 Plus is edited by Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas.  During the session, they will share their perceptions of math, focusing on the mathematical concept of symmetry, patterns and geometry.

 Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials

Plus Magazine

Doodling Math/Symmetry

Patterns in Nature

Math in Nature

Math Careers

Fibonacci and Music

Song from Pi

Symmetry Group Think

Geometric Illustrations

Point of View

Mathematics and Architecture

Symmetry on Plus Magazine

Symmetry at the Ashmolean Museum from Maths in the City


Time:8:00 p.m. Moscow; 5:00 p.m. London; 12 noon New York; 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles; midnight Thursday Beijing

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