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Session 6 - The Art of Math ~ Carol Yeager with Neil Currie and Rostom Kouyoumdjian

Carol Yeager


Math is not always apparent in art, and yet, it is inherent in art.  Not all artists are math savvy, although their works contain many mathematical principles including geometry, patterns, as well as angles and lines of perspective.  The golden ratio, or phi, is one of the ultimate mysteries of the arts; it is a major element in many noted art works from Leonardo DaVinci's paintings to the Parthenon … and beyond.

 To many mathematicians, the mysteries of art are intriguing and offer deeper investigations.  You have already been introduced to some of these elements of mathematics in art, and you will be delving more deeply in the last two sessions.

 This session offers an overview and some artists depictions and demonstrations of the Golden Ratio and perspective.  Join us in investigating the mysteries of art as demonstrated and explained by artists and mathematics.

Neil Currie

Rostom Kouyoumdjian


Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials

The Golden Mean

DaVinci's Use of Sacred Geometry

The Golden Ratio


Fibonacci-World's Most Mysterious Number

Mathematics and Art ~ Perspective

Drawing with One Point Perspective

Two Point Perspective

Three Point Perspective

Best Fractal Zoom Ever

Mathematics and Art

Nature by Numbers


about Neil Currie


  • Session, 29 November: Location:pre-recorded for your asynchronous pleasure, and located HERE.


  1. How creative are you with 4 lines and 9 dots?  Watch this video and test yourself.
  2. Try a perspective drawing and post it in your blog ... use one, two or three point perspective. HERE is a bit more on perspective (check out the links).


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