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Session 8 - Origami and Math with Robert Lang

Robert Lang


According to Robert Lang "The secret to productivity in so many fields — and in origami — is letting dead people do your work for you.” He states that new problems can often be solved by using old solutions. If you can turn your problem into one that someone else has already solved, you can often use their solution. See how he uses mathematics, engineering and stick figures to create new Origami figures and discover how you can create your own Origami. Learn how to fold, crease and create visual mathematical objects that can have many modern applications.

Robert Lang is a physicist, mathematician and a prime origami artist. His scientific approach with aesthetic sensitivity reflected from Japanese paper art of hundreds of years has earned him the reputation as one of the first great Western masters of the art and a leading theorist in the mathematics of origami. Is it the Art of Science, or the Science of Art?  Try the process and then, you decide!.

Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials

RJL Origami

The Origami Lab

The Duck

Between the Folds

The Math and Magic of Origami


Origami Macaw Parrot

Origami and Pythagorean Theory Proof

Origami and Math

Geometry and Paperfolding




            Time: Time:8:00 p.m. Moscow; 5:00 p.m. London; 12 noon New York; 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles; midnight Saturday Beijing


Make a Flapping Bird

... as described in the video.  If you wish to create a more complicated Origami figure, one of your own or another descibed in one of the videos ... feel free to take on the challenge and discuss the process.  You might wish to take a picture/video of the final result and include it with a discussion of the process in a blog post.


[Session 7] [Outline]